JetAdvice Edge

The Connector that goes beyond printer fleet data collection!

A game changer for the way printer fleet data is collected

JetAdvice Edge helps Managed Print Services (MPS) providers across the world realize business objectives and improve customer retention.

Whether you are a global or smaller sized MPS provider, you will benefit from going beyond standard printer fleet data collection.

JetAdvice Edge meets the increasing security demands of your customers in all environments, it intelligently collects data (smart intervals), it works on all platforms, and it’s Enterprise Ready.

We use intelligent data collection technology to adapt to the individual demands of supplies, counters, and hardware alerts. The collection intervals adjust to each device on the network. We call it Smart Interval Collection.

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    Since 2002, JetAdvice has been trusted by thousands of MPS providers across the world.
    We collect printer fleet data from 45,000+ models across all existing brands to deliver accurate and reliable information.
    Let’s improve your business’ bottom line and your customer satisfaction.

    The benefits of using JetAdvice Edge are many - The most important are:

    By design, JetAdvice Edge is ready for all new and future platforms. Windows® is still #1 platform – with Linux® + Raspberry PI® as a strong #2.
    We support other platforms as well – just ask.
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    Security – SNMPv3 support
    End-to-end security is becoming the new standard. When using SNMPv3, you get proven and full support from your devices to JetAdvice Edge.
    Your printer fleet data will be safe with us – all the way.
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    Enterprise Ready
    JetAdvice Edge is Enterprise Ready by design. With a security-first approach, we made our safest and most intelligent Connector (DCA) yet. It reduces local and cloud network traffic, secures HTTPs and supports SNMPv3. Configure it locally or from the cloud. Best-in-class device discovery and intelligent printer fleet data collection. Read more..

    Smart Interval Collection
    JetAdvice Edge automatically adapts to the individual demands of supplies, counters, and hardware alerts. The collection intervals adjust to each device on the network.
    Smart Interval Collection is a new, intelligent way of collecting printer fleet data. Read more..

    Upgrading from IPv4 to IPv6 could be a smart move. The upgrade may be necessary due to the limited amount of IP addresses in IPv4.
    We fully support IPv6 – it’s ready to use at your customers.
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    Secure By Design
    Our experienced developers only write code that is secure by design. All our software engineering is done from the ground up, using best security practices.
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    JetAdvice takes printer fleet management to a new level of efficiency and ease of use.

    Our advanced MPS solutions give you full control of the printer fleets of your customers.