Enterprise Ready

What does Enterprise Ready mean?

JetAdvice Edge, our new Connector (DCA), is Enterprise Ready by design. But what exactly does that mean?
“Enterprise Ready” is a software term, which refers to a product that is able to handle the pressure and meet the requirements of a large corporation.

Our goal of creating a truly Enterprise Ready Connector made us engineer JetAdvice Edge from scratch. We built it with a set of important features suited for Enterprises that want a smarter and more secure way of collecting and working with printer fleet data.

Being Enterprise Ready as a software developer involves many things, but especially scalability, security, and integration are without doubt three vital areas.

1. Scalability
JetAdvice Edge is engineered to handle the pressure that a large Enterprise with hundreds or thousands of daily users will put on our software. Our digital infrastructure and cloud services can handle spikes and heavy, daily use without lacks and downtime.

Our software secures an efficient workflow for multiple Enterprise users by e.g. assigning different user roles, delivering automated and customizable reports, and providing action-oriented information for easier and better decision-making.

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    2. Security
    All Enterprises must invest in the proper security setup today – this includes their printing environment. We designed JetAdvice Edge with a security-first approach to help Enterprises minimize potential threats to their printer fleet.

    Our inhouse developers only write code that is secure by design. All our software engineering is done from the ground up, using best security practices. We support SNMPv3 for stronger security and encrypting printer data. Our software also lets Enterprises configure printing devices and perform important firmware upgrades – all done remotely.

    3. Integration
    Maintaining a high degree of efficiency and a seamless workflow is crucial for an Enterprise. Productivity equals a stronger bottom line and higher employee satisfaction.

    By design, JetAdvice Edge is ready for all new and future platforms. Our solutions are easily integrated with ERP systems and other existing software in the Enterprise. When done right, this will accelerate task completion, prompt the sharing of knowledge, and improve the workflow.

    One size doesn’t fit all
    We know that Enterprise requirements vary. One size doesn’t fit all.

    Not every JetAdvice Edge feature will be relevant for every Enterprise, and most Enterprises will have special needs that must be fulfilled. We’re used to working with large corporations and ready to adjust our solutions to your exact needs.

    The specific features of JetAdvice Edge are based on our +25 years of industry experience and on close dialogue with some of our large partners. Here are some of the key features of the Connector:

    • minimizes local and cloud network traffic
    • collects data intelligently with Smart Interval Collection
    • stronger security with SNMPv3
    • has best-in-class device discovery
    • secures HTTPs
    • can be configured locally or from the cloud

    The total feature list for JetAdvice Edge is long, and each feature has been carefully developed and tested. The balance for us has been to make day-to-day business as easy and effective as possible for Enterprises – without compromising with end-to-end security.

    We’re proud to say that JetAdvice Edge is Enterprise Ready by design.

    Support says

    When looking at our support ticket system, we have been receiving more and more requests from partners for some of the features that are now part of the Enterprise Ready feature set. It’s great to be able to accommodate these requests with the new JetAdvice Edge.

    If you have any technical questions about the Enterprise features or about using JetAdvice Edge in an Enterprise, please let us know.

    Management says

    All Enterprises have a strong focus on security and a separate security budget.

    Investing in the proper digital security is mandatory today – and for us security has been one of the key factors in making JetAdvice Edge Enterprise Ready.

    We have tried (and accomplished!) to find the right balance between bulletproof security and staff productivity in the enterprise.

    Zero trust is becoming standard for good reasons. Any device in your network is a potential threat that needs attention. With JetAdvice Edge, we help you minimize the potential threats with best-in-class security infrastructure.

    The nerds say

    In 2019, we set out to make both our new Connector, JetAdvice Edge, and JetAdvice Cloud (our servers) Enterprise Ready. As a developer in EuroForm that was an exciting challenge with – honestly – a steep learning curve!

    All of us developers and the support team as well are working closely together on the Enterprise Ready feature set – and also to determine what should be on the roadmap for the future.

    We get a lot of inspiration from printer vendors, but also from other SaaS solutions, on how to be Enterprise Ready.

    Our “foundation” is engineering the software from scratch using a scalable Azure cloud-based microservice architecture – that’s a design decision we made years ago. We’re very happy with how JetAdvice Edge has turned out so far, and we hope that many enterprises will benefit from it.

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