JetAdvice – End User License Agreement

EULA for JADC 2.0 & JetAdvice Edge

EuroForm is entitled to all rights to maintain all collected data related to the customer’s print usage, using the JetAdvice tool, or any other software installation tool related to JetAdvice.

EuroForm intends to use the collected data for the purpose of printer fleet optimization, cost-minimizing, data analysis, intelligent print usage design, customer optimization, and future software and hardware development needs.

EuroForm preserves the right to use all collected data to analyze the collected data individually and collectively, including analysis across different customers.

EuroForm shall not disclose or sell any Personal Data to any other third party. The collected data related to the customer’s print usage is not considered Personal Data.

When installing the JetAdvice Data Collector or JetAdvice Edge, a full EULA will appear and the user has to agree to the terms to be able to continue the installation.

Copyright, EuroForm A/S

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