JetAdvice Private Skin

Brand JetAdvice as your own

The world’s best printer fleet management solution wrapped in your corporate identity.

Our Private Skin program lets you brand the JetAdvice solutions as your own.
From backend to frontend.

  • Your logo, look and feel, and colors
  • Branded user interface with remarkable ease-of-use
  • Strengthens brand loyalty and company identity
  • Gives you a uniqueness in the market
  • Your customers will experience the entire solution as yours
  • Differentiate price level – your solution, your price

    Other Private Skin benefits

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    Data Collector

    The JetAdvice Data Collector comes with your logo, color scheme, and customized install screenshots.

    Your customers will experience it as yours.

    Own MPS website

    Get your own custom URL, e.g. “”, with your company logo and colors.

    Your customers will know they are using your solution.

    Marketing material

    We’ll supply you with the right marketing material – branded as your own.

    Product sheets, white papers, and feature sheets are included.


    Get the JetAdvice solutions in your own native language.

    We support more than 15 languages and more are added regularly.

    Partnering with EuroForm clearly strengthens the position of Claranet offer Managed Print Services on the Portuguese market. The ease of use, full multi-brand and the quality of the dataset were the pillars where Claranet based its decision on to move away from its current solution towards JetAdvice Manager.

    João Martins - Printing Solution Manager, Claranet Portugal

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