JetAdvice Integration

Integration = Automation

Integrate your JetAdvice data with your backend systems and boost your business.

A seamless integration with the systems you use daily, lets you easily automate invoicing to your customers, minimize manual processes, and eliminate human data handling errors.

  • Get real value when integrating with your service and ERP systems
  • Seamless integration with JetAdvice Manager
  • Exports can be handled manually or automated
  • “Triggered reports”, scheduled reports, or on-demand
  • We support most formats (excel, csv, xml, and pdf)

JetAdvice Manager takes care of the on-time delivery of the right information and always provides us with the level of detail needed. Furthermore, the simplicity and the stability of the Data Collector is an enormous plus. Within a few minutes, a new Vitasys customer is up and running and ready to be managed.

Tim van Dam - Operations Director, Vitasys

JetAdvice fulfills all our business needs, e.g. the flexible delivery of top quality information and full integration with our back-end system

Horst Zetterstrom - CEO

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JetAdvice takes printer fleet management to a new level of efficiency and ease of use.

Our advanced MPS solutions give you full control of the printer fleets of your customers.