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PRINTING REBOOT: A New Way to Switch your Printer Business from One-Off Transactions to an Ongoing Relationship


    Be first to market and secure your business

    Welcome to the Zebra Managed Print Services – an exclusive program from Zebra and JetAdvice for the EMEA region.

    Together we offer the thermal printing world the first Thermal Managed Print Services solution that will revolutionize the commercial printer sales market.

    Maximise your Total Customer Value

    Over a period of five years, consumable costs will exceed the cost of the printer by a factor of 10 – 15.

    That’s why a Thermal Managed Print Services engagement is essential for securing this extremely valuable consumable business.

    Selling a Zebra printer for e.g. €1,000 is nice, but missing out on €10.000 – €15.000 of supply and consumable revenue is obviously bad.

    The JetAdvice-Zebra Thermal MPS solution lets you secure this valuable additional business.

    You can read more about our partnership with Zebra here. If you’d like to talk to one of our MPS experts, please click the button below to get in touch.

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    Three stages of Thermal Managed Print Services (T-MPS)

    Zebra Three stages of Thermal Managed Print Services

    1) Discover & Assess

    Understanding the customer’s install base when it comes to thermal printing is essential moving into Thermal Managed Print Services.

    Our vendor-agnostic assessment not only allows you to clearly identify churn potential, but also provides a detailed insight in whether or not these devices are suitable for a T-MPS agreement.

    The Zebra Assessment Report, exclusive for Zebra Channel Partners, will help uncover sales opportunities (replacing old devices and competitive devices) and provide your customers with value-creating information about their thermal printer fleet, such as:

    • Vendor and device type information (brand, type, IP address, Hostname, etc.)
    • Category assessment
    • Life Cycle Assessment revealing valuable information like End of Life and End of Service details
    • Print DNA Assessment (LinkOS versions of the devices)
    • Complete overview of all discovered thermal print devices

    Note: Discover & Assess also makes great sense for business development or new prospect sales cycles

    2) Monitor & Secure Supplies

    JetAdvice automated supply fulfilment secures your customers’ business continuity, maximizes productivity, and removes the operational burden.

    Eliminating downtime, centralizing procurement, and reducing the TCO are key business drivers for today’s customer.

    Our JetAdvice cloud portal offers 24/7 remote monitoring of the thermal printer environment of all your customers.

    Securing supplies and consumables will boost your Total Customer Value over the lifetime of a thermal print device.

    3) Thermal Managed Print Services (T-MPS)

    Offering remote management services to your customers completes the Thermal Managed Print Services process.

    Being able to pro-actively manage and monitor the thermal printer fleets 24/7 with JetAdvice adds true business value.

    Just think about the possibility to perform remote maintenance, device security, and pro-active support on Zebra devices!

    Run multiple life cycles at your customers – and assure productivity, continuity, and security within their thermal printing environment.

    It's a win-win

    Start harvesting the many benefits of the Thermal MPS solution from JetAdvice and Zebra

    Valuable insights

    Discover the full installed base and understand the potential. Give your customers valuable insights about their thermal printer fleet.

    Boost Total Customer Value

    Supplies & consumables – increase your total customer value and remove the current burden from your customers.

    Uptime, continuity, and productivity

    Offer valuable customer services to e.g. secure uptime, continuity, productivity and more.

    Improve quality and continuity

    By securing Zebra-certified consumables and parts during the device life cycle you can improve print quality and device continuity.

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