Thermal Managed Print Services

Thermal Managed Print Services (T-MPS) has arrived

Managed Print Services has been available for the printer industry for almost 20 years. It’s quite normal for a company to have a MPS contract in place.

Now, the MPS advantages are also available for the thermal printing business.

MPS providers will for example help customers with supplies & consumables, corrective & preventive maintenance, financial business model, related software, and many other possible components.

Typically, the main drivers for entering into a Managed Print Services contract are:

1)  Reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
2)  Removal of the operational burden (support, maintenance, purchasing consumables)
3)  Productivity and continuity
4)  Security

By using Thermal Managed Print Services (T-MPS), the same benefits and results can be achieved for any thermal printer fleet out there.

Zebra and JetAdvice – Thermal MPS

Zebra and JetAdvice have joined forces. Get more info about the Zebra Managed Print Services program – powered by JetAdvice.

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Get ahead with Thermal MPS

Pass competitors and get ahead of the game!

When joining the JetAdvice Managed Print Services program for thermal printer fleets, we’ll help you switch your thermal printer business from one-off transactions – selling a printer – to an ongoing customer relationship.

The JetAdvice Thermal MPS program lets you provide valuable insights to your customers about their thermal printer fleet – and you’ll discover new business potentials.

With our automated supply fulfillment you can increase your total customer value and remove the current burden from your customers. Improve thermal print quality and device continuity by securing original consumables and parts during the device life cycle.

Benefits of joining the JetAdvice Thermal MPS program

Device discovery and assessment: understand the existing installed base

Automated supply fulfillment: delivering the right consumables at the right time at right place – to prevent downtime

Rightsizing of the thermal printer fleet: improve productivity, secure continuity and optimize the TCO

Device utilization: understand the volumes produced on the thermal printers and make sure these business critical devices are used in the right way

Reporting: provide detailed device and usage reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis to share detailed patterns of these business critical devices.

Endpoint security: A network connected thermal printer may also be a vulnerability within the company infrastructure. Firmware and Operating System management assures that devices get latest and greatest security updates.

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