Secure By Design

What does it mean when something is "Secure By Design"?

“Secure By Design” refers to software that is developed from the ground up with the intention of making it as secure as possible. From the start, the software is engineered in a way that minimizes flaws which could compromise security after launch.

The concept is sometimes also referred to as “Secured By Design”, “Security by design”, “Secure Design Patterns”, or “Build In Security”.

Software developers that use this approach analyze the different security tactics and patterns available – and select the best of them to the project at hand. The chosen security tactics and patterns are then enforced by the architecture design and used as guiding principles for the rest of the development process.

More and more governments, authorities, organizations, and companies are increasing their software security demands. This means that Secure By Design is a key practice for software developers today.

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    Ensure the proper software foundation with the Secure By Design approach

    If you try to achieve the right degree of security AFTER implementing the software, it’s very hard – bordering on impossible.

    There’s no doubt that it’s very tricky to address existing vulnerabilities and patch security holes as they are discovered. And it will never be as effective as designing systems to be secure from the start. Writing security as the first word on the whiteboard when kicking off the development process is crucial – if you want to create software that’s truly secure.

    That’s exactly why our experienced developers only write code that is Secure By Design. All of our software engineering is done from the ground up, using best security practices, which minimizes the risk of security holes and issues drastically when the software is launched.

    Fun fact about Secure By Design

    Secure by design is derived from the concept of design patterns for buildings and towns, which were introduced by the British-American architect Christopher Alexander in 1977.

    During the 80’s and 90’s, the concept was adopted by the computer industry and transformed into guiding principles for programming and software development.

    Support says

    When it comes to security, the world has changed rapidly over the last couple of years. From being just one of many, security is now the most popular topic when our customers contact us. This means that we have to adapt and adjust our knowledge base as a support team.

    Therefore, it’s important for us to have an ongoing dialogue with our development team so we know – in-depth – how our software is developed with security as the highest priority: Secure By Design.

    Management says

    As management at JetAdvice / EuroForm, security is generally our top priority. We have a high degree of trust in each person in our development team. We know these guys inside out – and count on them to use best practices and digital solutions that guarantee products that are 100 percent secure in the end.

    It’s our responsibility to ensure that our developers have the right coding DNA and a security-first mindset. Because every single line of code must be Secure By Design.

    The nerds say

    As the zero-trust security model is being adopted by an increasing number of partners, we need to ensure that we fit into that model and are doing our very best to reduce risk of exposing our partners’ networks to hackers while ensuring that all partner data is handled with care. That’s why we develop everything with a Secure By Design approach.

    At EuroForm, we have chosen automated DevOps processes to ensure high code quality and fast delivery of patches. Through partnerships with third party security experts, our applications and infrastructure are continuously scanned, so that we’re notified as soon as potential security vulnerabilities occur.

    Security is a moving target, which means that we must constantly be on the forefront of technology. We have to be agile, adopt security patches and learn fast when new security vulnerabilities arise.

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    Our new Connector, JetAdvice Edge, that’s developed from scratch with a Secure By Design approach.


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