Smart Interval Collection

What is Smart Interval Collection - and why is it important?

JetAdvice Edge is our new Connector that is able to intelligently collect data from any printing device. We call it Smart Interval Collection.

The standard data collectors on the market check in and collect printer data on a regular basis, for example every three hours.

JetAdvice Edge – on the other hand – is designed to automatically adapt to the individual status of supplies, counters, and hardware alerts.

This means that our data collection intervals will adjust to each device on the network.

Let’s give you an example:
When JetAdvice Edge learns that the toner is running low on a specific printing device, it will automatically check in more regularly to make sure that all data is collected – before the printer runs out of toner. We’ve programmed it to adjust the collection intervals to the device and supply status.

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    If you only collect data every three hours or so, you’re missing out on valuable information about your printing environment.

    The Smart Interval Collection that is built into JetAdvice Edge helps gather every bit of data and eliminate unnecessary supply waste.

    You can use the intelligent printer fleet data collection to secure optimal supply use – this will benefit the bottom line as well as the environment.

    Welcome to the new, smart way of collecting printer fleet data!

    Support says

    When we look at support tickets over the past years, we can see that reliable and complete printer fleet data are one of the most important issues for our partners.

    To be able to bill right, explain coverage, and minimize waste has a significant effect on the bottom line. It’s real money we’re talking about.

    Partners must be able to rely on the collected data completely – and to be fair, our development team has upped the data collection game with the Smart Interval Collection functionality.

    Management says

    Getting the right and complete printer fleet data is key for any MPS provider in the printing industry.

    Over the years, we have optimized the way JetAdvice works many times. We have collected data from millions of devices and billions of supplies. Based on these trillions of data collections, we made the decision to start all over when designing a new Connector.

    One of our primary design criteria was to be able to collect data in a smart way. That resulted in the creation of JetAdvice Edge – which we’re very excited about!

    The nerds say

    We’ve designed JetAdvice Edge to – intelligently – use the data it has, to do as little work on the network as possible! Not because it’s lazy, but because it’s smart.

    On the other hand, it’s programmed to work hard to retrieve the best possible data on critical components – collecting data in smart intervals. Knowing how many pages are “monitored” on a certain supply brings true value when sending invoices – and also regarding coverage and supply waste.

    In the EuroForm development team, we have collected a lot of valuable information over the years, and we have used it to optimize the new Connector to be as intelligent as possible.

    JetAdvice Edge is born smarter than the different alternatives in the industry – and we promise it will only get smarter!

    Facts about JetAdvice Edge

    JetAdvice Edge is our new Connector, a small piece of software that intelligently collects printer fleet data.

    It automatically controls how often real time data is collected and rapidly increases the collection frequency when coming closer to for example a supply threshold.

    JetAdvice Edge is a new, smart and non-intrusive methodology of getting nearly real-time printer fleet data. Managed Print Services providers financially rely on in-time delivery of supplies, accurate supply and device coverage information – and last, but not least, drastic reduction of supply waste.

    You can experience the difference yourself. JetAdvice Edge, the Connector that goes beyond data collection.

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