JetAdvice Summit 2014

Barcelona was a great success!

Thanks to everyone who joined the JetAdvice Summit 2014 in Barcelona, even though you all had tight schedules. We had a great time with you and want to share af few photos below.

Presentations and opportunities

We hope you got what you came for and got some inspiration for new opportunities with JetAdvice Manager! – And the EuroForm Team is ready to assist you, any way we can. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

You will soon get access to all presentations – info will be send via e-mail.

The EuroForm Team is looking forward to work even more with you in the future.

Partner of the year 2013

The choice for this year’s partner, has fallen on Swedish Print Solution, who has kept a tight focus on dissemination of JetAdvice in Sweden.

Swedish Print Solution

Swedish Print Solution is a long term partner, who has jointly done the JetAdvice journey with EuroForm for many years, and they have always contributed with valuable product and business feedback. The impression this Partner has made over the years is significant and highly appreciated.

Focus and Integration

This partner has worked hard with their customers, to successfully integrate JetAdvice into their own back-end systems. They really focused on the benefits of using the integration as a value add, to increase the business with the customers and add value for the customer’s operations.

This partner has also managed to stay focused on the MPS business in general, and managed to create results in a market that has been under pressure from competing products.

This partner, despite the competition, managed to get their customers to see what value they gain by using JetAdvice.


Start using JetAdvice today

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Our advanced MPS solutions give you full control of the printer fleets of your customers.