JetAdvice Manager June 27, 2018

3.3 - June 2018

June Releases

Date: 5th

JetAdvice Manager HP SDS Releases

HP LFP Transfer Service Released

Date: 13th

JetAdvice Manager Sync Service Releases

Date: 15th

JetAdvice Manager HP SDS Installer updated Releases

Date: 21st

JetAdvice Manager Releases

Date: 22nd

JetAdvice Manager LFP Transfer Service released

Performance improvements : Now we don’t update supply/supply reading when last seen less than 12 hours ago and…

“Approx change: 20 job batch, supply handling 80 sec => 5 sec
That’s approx 3.5 sec per job
With approx 10.000 jobs per day, that is 35.000 sec or 10 hours compute time saved”

Future performance: Duplicated jobs in XML files

Date: 27th

JetAdvice Manager Data Reciever Update

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