JetAdvice Manager May 24, 2018

3.3 - May 2018

May Releases

Date: 1st

JetAdvice Manager HP SDS Releases

  • SDS Client released

Date: 4th

JetAdvice Manager HP SDS Releases

  • SDS Connector Installer Released: Monitor is now installed too
  • SDS Master Sync Service Released

HP LFP’s DCA Releases

  • HP PDC released

HP LFP Transfer Releases

  • Fix regarding Cleaning Container status

Date: 19th

JetAdvice Manager – Windows Patching

  • Restarting all 3 VM Service (- approx 30 min to 1 hour downtime expected)

JetAdvice Manager Releases

  • App released

Date: 24th

JetAdvice Manager Releases

  • Privacy Policy from “Terms of use” inside.
  • Changed JetAdvice logo for all email templates using this / – Fixed color – Fixed footer text

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