Tired of low quality printer fleet reports?

We make you look good in front of your customers

Many MPS dealers can probably relate to this scenario:

The quarterly customer meeting is coming up. You struggle to put together a report or Powerpoint. You keep looking for data that will show the most important numbers and trends. You end up spending several hours on a report – that could be much better.

We know for a fact that most MPS dealers struggle with inconsistent and low quality reports. This is problematic for three reasons:

  • It’s harder to understand, assess, and communicate the printer fleet data
  • Comparing reports becomes difficult
  • It makes you look less professional in the eyes of your customers

Action-oriented & consistent look & feel

Our report hub, JetAdvice Premium, creates quality printer fleet reports.

  • Vast amounts of printer data is processed and presented as action-oriented information
  • Consistent, professional look & feel across all our report types
  • Graphical elements help you easily assess the printer fleet – and recommend actions

You’ll have a good looking report on your desk within minutes!

Do you want better reports and create true value for your customers?

Contact us today to try our on-demand report hub and boost your profitability!

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