On-demand training for technicians

Be prepared to resolve the issue quickly

Despite the many remote possibilities, service providers sometimes need to send technicians to fix device issues.

Before a service visit, the technician must be prepared in order to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.

However, in many instances that is NOT the case. We know from experience that many technicians arrive unprepared at the customer office.

This prolongs the service visit considerably – and in some cases the technician actually drive back and forth several times before the issue is resolved.

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Be prepared and efficient

HP SDS and JetAdvice give you access to on-demand training.

The training consists of short repair videos, expert instructions, and a part list.

The technician gets instant issue expertise that he or she can watch or read before visiting the customer or after arriving at the customer site.

The issue in question will be resolved with one, efficient visit. Your technician will know what to do within a few minutes.

You’ll be able to lower your service costs and improve the quality of your technical customer service. Less downtime for the customer.

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