Use the printer to report and solve errors

Communicate with users and fix issues via the printer control panel

Customers can now report errors directly from the malfunctioning printer – using HP SDS and JetAdvice.

The new HP SDS printer app, Report a Problem, lets customers contact the reseller directly through the printer control panel – instead of having to call or email to report an error.

The reseller / service provider can also respond to the customer via JetAdvice – potentially guiding the person to fix the problem.

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    Keep the customer in the loop

    This groundbreaking way of communicating with customers means that a malfunctioning printer can be up and running in no time – without even sending a technician.

    The Report a Problem app is easily accessed through the printer’s touch panel. Here, the customer can report an error, see your feedback – and the latest error status.

    The customer will know what’s happening all along – and can enjoy a minimum of printer downtime.

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    JetAdvice takes printer fleet management to a new level of efficiency and ease of use.

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