JetAdvice and HP Smart Device Services

What is HP Smart Device Services?

HP Smart Device Services (HP SDS) is a cloud-based solution that allows you to monitor and manage a fleet of HP devices remotely.

HP SDS lets providers of Managed Print Services and Printer Fleet Management improve their service offerings and optimize work processes – saving time and money.

By combining HP SDS and JetAdvice you’ll be able to manage HP devices remotely in a number of ways:

  • reboot devices
  • configure devices
  • update or downgrade firmware
  • eliminate soft calls
  • set alarms to bring down toner waste
  • locate missing printers and USB printers
  • get the diagnosis and relevant training before the service visit

JetAdvice is HP SDS 1.0 Certified and one of the trusted HP partners in the roll-out of HP Smart Device Services.

Who will benefit from HP Smart Device Services?

HP SDS is suitable for dealers and resellers of various HP printing devices who provide customers with services such as Managed Print Services, Printer Fleet Management, Printer Supply Fulfillment, Pay per Use or Cost per Page contracts.

If you monitor and manage printer fleets, HP SDS will help you streamline your business by reducing costs for administration, customer service, and supplies management.

HP Smart Device Services lets you improve the services you offer your customers.

It’s no coincidence that HP calls it “the next generation of printing”.

It’s not only the future - it’s the present

At JetAdvice we’re investing heavily in Remote Management, including HP SDS.

That’s because we believe Remote Management to be the present as well as the future of Printer Fleet Management.

HP SDS is integrated into the very core of JetAdvice Manager.

This means that you – on top of the Remote Management possibilities in JetAdvice – get access to the full range of HP Smart Device Services when you use our MPS solution.

Wanna try HP SDS? You can do so for FREE for the rest of 2018 – get access now!

How does it work?

HP SDS collects data from connected HP devices and stores it in a secure cloud database that is easily accessible from any device all over the world.

When the HP SDS Client is installed on the customer server, printer fleet data is collected and stored in the HP SDS Cloud.

JetAdvice communicates with the HP SDS Cloud making it easy for you to access and manage HP devices remotely – from the control center in JetAdvice Manager.

How do I get access to HP SDS?

Right now, JetAdvice users have FREE access to the HP Smart Device Services for the rest of 2018.

We offer JetAdvice and HP SDS as a subscription package letting you use all the Remote Management possibilities.

You can also buy a package solution with a maximum number of attached HP devices allowed.

Try HP SDS out for FREE for the rest of 2018 – get your access to JetAdvice today!

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