KNNS and JetAdvice Manager

KNNS improves its Printer Fleet Management

  • The Dutch IT solutions provider has become much more efficient.
  • They are now able to grow their business without growing the number of employees.

“JetAdvice Manager is truly amazing when it comes to ease of use and reliability. The customer experience is phenomenal”

The previous printer fleet management solution was not meeting the needs of KNNS Business Solutions. The Dutch company wanted to improve customer satisfaction, reduce manual activities and get more information out of available data.

“Changing from verifying every single supply order and removing duplicate orders manually towards trusted information about supply fulfillment has been a game changer for us”, says Marcel Wijdeven, Business Unit Manager at KNNS Business Solutions. He continues:

“It has allowed us to manage multi brand environments and a growing number of devices with the same number of employees. Also, the principle of activity based working instead of searching for activities and verifying information instantly increased the efficiency within our back office”.

The main strategic objective of KNNS is to put the customers front and centre. JetAdvice Manager has helped them reach that goal.

KNNS Business Solutions

KNNS Business Solutions came into the world in 2013 when the merger between KC Business Solutions and NMA ICT Solutions was effectuated.

This immediately made KNNS a very important player in the Dutch IT, Print, Supplies, and Software market. Providing own support to the customers is still a major asset for KNNS.

KNNS Business Solutions works closely with leading global technology companies such as Xerox, HP, Canon/Océ, Qlik, Docuware, Nuance, Veeam, and EuroForm.

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