Datapac and JetAdvice Manager

Datapac optimizes customer growth

  • More than 7000 printing devices from a growing customer base have been merged into the new Cloud platform

“We have an improved control of our printer fleet, increased device uptime, and best positioning of devices onsite”

After joining the JetAdvice Manager community in 2014, Datapac successfully implemented and transitioned to the JetAdvice Manager Cloud platform, replacing other tools that were not meeting metric goals.

The back office staff got the full insight and training from the JetAdvice team. They now have the expert knowledge to manage and bill customer accounts confidently.

”When managing the performance of a printer fleet, the main challenge used to be that we didn’t know what daily volumes were printed per device, what coverage rate was printed per cartridge and how many pages were wasted due to toners being removed from devices too early. On top of that, we had inconsistent page count periods for invoicing”, Aisling O’Farrell from Datapac explains.

Datapac provides HP Management Print Solutions to its customers, combined with the JetAdvice Manager solution from EuroForm.

The quality of data is key when providing a Managed Print Solution at a customer site:

”Today, the visibility that JetAdvice Manager provides, deliver accurate data direct from the device’s memory. We have an improved control of our printer fleet, increased device uptime, and best positioning of devices onsite. And we can use JetAdvice Manager as an assessment tool in a pre-sales analysis”, Aisling O’Farrell from Datapac states.

Datapac Ltd.

Datapac works closely with leading global technology companies such as HP, IBM, Microsoft, Citrix, Nuance, EMC and EuroForm.

Datapac has vast experience and knowledge of the Managed Print market in Ireland, with clients covering a broad range of business sectors.

Datapac’s Managed Services, Managed Print Services and Support Centre provide customers with valuable guidance and 24/7 proactive support.

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