How we document and support our software

Forget the huge manual

At JetAdvice we have a lot of ways to document and support our software.

What we don’t have is a user manual.

And guess what: We’re not going to make one.

We strongly believe that the era of the user manual is over. Instead, the era of user-based documentation and support is here.

Different needs call for multiple ways of documentation

As a SaaS provider, we choose to document our services and support our customers in a more agile way than the traditional user manual.

We update our software frequently making sure it’s as good as it can be. This means that a user manual would be quickly outdated.

Our take has always been this: Customers are different and have different needs.

This means that we add much more value to customers by offering them documentation and support in numerous ways and on numerous platforms.

When we document our products and services – and when we determine how to setup our support functions – we always try to see it with the eyes of the users.

What would be the best way for the users to learn more about this aspect?
What would the users want to know about our security measures – and how?

We’ll meet you where you are

From our perspective there is no doubt that the best approach is to base all documentation and support on the needs of the customers.

At JetAdvice we try to make it as flexible and agile as possible.

We are present on most of the platforms where the users already are. You can get information and help from:

  • Global support – we have team members in different time zones and are able to give support worldwide 24/7.
  • Online download section – users can download white papers, case studies, and data sheets about the JetAdvice products.
  • FAQ – our extensive FAQ section provides answers to most of the questions our users might have.
  • Youtube videos – numerous explanatory videos show users how to get the most out of JetAdvice – and how to troubleshoot.
  • Tech News – we update our users via email.
  • Newsletters – we inform users about new possibilities and updates in JetAdvice.
  • Case studies – we provide case studies showing users the values that JetAdvice are bringing to companies around the world.
  • Training – we provide personal training sessions adapted to the exact needs of the user. For new users an introduction session is free of charge.
  • PluralSight – Online courses enable us to learn at our own pace—from the fundamentals to the most cutting-edge technologies.
  • Skype – users can connect and talk with us via Skype for more personal and detail-oriented documentation.
  • WhatsApp – users can reach us on WhatsApp if they have questions about JetAdvice.
  • Slack – we communicate both internally and with existing customers via Slack.
  • 1to1 – users can chat, email or call our support team to get one-to-one guidance.
  • 1toMany – we offer support and training sessions for departments, companies, etc.
  • Ticket System – our support team use a ticket system for support inquiries. 98 % of all inquiries are solved satisfactorily in less than three hours.
  • Language support – we add new languages when requested. We currently support 23 languages.
  • Annual Summit or eSummit – we host an annual online eSummit or a physical Summit for existing and potential customers. At this occasion, JetAdvice and our different competitive edges are presented thoroughly. The sessions are recorded and made available on YouTube afterwards.


Get in touch with us today if you have questions about our products, documentation, or support. 

As you can see above, we’re ready to help!

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