JetAdvice Premium April 13, 2018

3.3 - April 2018

April Releases

Date: 13th

Info about downtime this morning:
8:40 – CPU 100% start
10:20 – CPU 100% end
100 min duration

We might have a 100min timeout somewhere that can help us understand in what scope we are stuck in and infinite loop – it’s not SQL related.

We still have no idea what this really is – we don’t think any EF employees did anything at 8:40 CET – so we assume this happens
because of “”””””””actual users”””””””” doing something on a website/api (but we are not 100% sure) – this makes us focus our attention on features
available for “”””””””all”””””””” users (not EF Admin)

If anyone has more info around 8:20 and how you used our online services, we would like to know.

For technical support or further info, please contact our support team.

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