Be in control of supply replacement

You decide when cartridges are changed

Now you get to control when a device tells your customers to replace a supply.

This gives you an extraordinary possibility to drive appropriate customer behavior. You decide when the customer is prompted to replace a cartridge or another supply.

We know that changing supplies is often characterized by randomness. The customer very often changes the supply either too soon or too late. If the supply is changed too soon, it is economically bad for the customer – and for dealers and resellers in the long run. It leads to lots of supply waste making supply fulfillment more expensive and the customer more unhappy.

If the supply is changed too late, the customer experiences queued print jobs and longer downtime. With the new remote notification control, we put you in charge.

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Decide when the supply is replaced

Every HP device has messages that are displayed on the control panel telling the customer when a supply is low and should be replaced.

With HP SDS and JetAdvice you decide exactly when these messages should appear.

You can for example choose to notify the customer only when the cartridge must be replaced – without previous warnings. This would stop customers from replacing supplies randomly and wasting toner.

You’ll be able to help your customers save money on supplies and improve their device experience.

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