Know what’s wrong before the customer does

Get early notifications about printer errors

As service provider it’s pretty valuable to know about printer errors before the customer, right?

With JetAdvice and HP SDS you get early error notifications and recommendations for service actions – based on unique printer fleet data.

You’ll know when – and how – to fix a printer problem – before the customer experiences it. We keep you informed about important printer events that require attention and action.

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Lower costs and improve your customer service

With action recommendations from HP SDS you can:

  • lower your service costs
  • improve your overall service efficiency
  • drive a quicker service response

The SDS Action Service continually monitors your customer’s printer fleet and determines if any actions are needed.

If so, you’ll be notified immediately.

    Know what and how to fix it

    The recommended actions can be queried or pushed through notifications from the SDS Action Service.
    The information you get is:

    • The diagnosis of the device problem
    • The severity of the problem
    • Targeted content – how to solve the problem.

    You’ll easily know what the problem is – and whether you need to take action.

    If that’s not enough, the SDS Action Service also gives you access to repair videos and an updated parts list.

    Want to improve your customer service and lower your service costs?

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