Real-time printer error notifications

Be on top of printer problems as they happen

Service providers can get real-time notifications about printer errors with HP SDS and JetAdvice.

The sooner and more precisely a problem is reported, the sooner it can be addressed and fixed. As a reseller you’ll be able to provide better and faster service to your customers.

By integrating this functionality and using the other amazing HP SDS functionalities combined with JetAdvice, you will definitely lower your service and support costs.

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    You’re notified when it’s important

    There are three types of device events that will trigger a Real Time Critical Event Notification in JetAdvice as soon as they happen.

    • Early cartridge replacement
    • Device offline notification
    • Data Collector offline notification

    The notifications give resellers a great overview of current and potential customer issues.

    You can easily analyze the events – and act on them in due time if needed.

    Be on top of printer problems as they happen

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