Predict the failure of printer parts

Be on top of printer issues before they happen

Reduce printer downtime by predicting device failure – before it actually happens.

HP SDS and JetAdvice bring you the future of remote printer management.

Your technicians will be able to service or replace parts before they fail, and the device goes out of service.

This means lower service costs, increased device uptime, and happier customers.

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    Predict failure: Fuser, scanner dust, and print engine

    You can forecast and prevent failure in three concrete areas:

    • Printer fuser
    • Scanner Dust detection
    • Print Engine failure

    This remote maintenance functionality uses machine learning insights to analyze the health of the different device components.

    The intelligent system makes predictive service recommendations to you as a reseller through JetAdvice Manager.

    You will not receive just typical device alerts. The predictive system is designed to monitor device information and device alerts – and then send an informed notification when something that could impact customer uptime or device performance is detected.

    Maximize part lifetime - and plan your stocking and service visits

    The predictions about upcoming printer part failure are displayed to the reseller in JetAdvice as “Recommended Actions”.

    This includes the severity level and a predicted time to failure.

    The reseller can choose to wait until the severity level and time to failure change – or take action by ordering the parts and scheduling a convenient service visit.

    If these recommendations are used right, the reseller no longer has to choose between maximizing part lifespan and providing maximum uptime to the customer.

    Instead, you can efficiently plan part stocking and service of the device – before the component fails – while ensuring maximum life span of each component.

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