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Does your technician know what to fix and how?

Before sending a technician, dealers can now get the most up-to-date information from the malfunctioning printer. Your technician will know exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Be prepared with the HP SDS functionality, “Diagnose Before Dispatch“.

Know what’s wrong before the customer does

You can get recommendations for service actions based on unique printer fleet data.

You’ll know when – and how – to fix an upcoming customer device problem – before the customer experiences it.

Read more about “SDS Action Service” here.

Access the error history of any device

Normally, you would have be physically present at the customer to access the device memory and get this kind of information.

Now you can get these valuable insights remotely – from behind your desk.

Learn more about the unique HP SDS functionality, “Event Logs“.

Reboot devices remotely

Sometimes a simple reboot can be the solution. But often you need to send a technician or ask the customer to perform the reboot.

JetAdvice and HP SDS lets you to do the Reboot Remotely.

Update firmware from behind your desk

Issues can sometimes be resolved by loading the latest firmware. Normally, this would require an on-site service visit.

With JetAdvice and HP SDS you can now use the remote functionality “Reflash” to upgrade firmware on any HP device.

Change device configuration remotely

Reduce the number of service visits and solve device issues remotely.

With HP SDS you can “Change Device Configuration from the JetAdvice control panel.

On-demand training for technicians

Your technician gets instant issue expertise that he or she can watch or read before visiting the customer or after arriving at the customer site.

The issue in question will be resolved with one efficient visit.

Your technician will know what to do within a few minutes with “Training On Demand“.

Decide when cartridges are changed

Every HP device control panel tells the customer when a supply is low and should be replaced.

With HP SDS and JetAdvice you can bring down supply waste by notifying the customer only when the cartridge must be replaced.

Read more about “Control Of Supply Replacement“.

Find lost printers

Sometimes devices go missing or are unresponsive for a period of time. This affects your billing and data collection.

JetAdvice and HP SDS provide the necessary features to help locate printers that have been moved or have changed IP address. Read more about “Bill Missing Printers“.

Save money - bring down supply waste

When cartridges and other supplies are replaced too early, it leads to supply waste and loss of margin for dealers.

With HP SDS and JetAdvice you can get a notification when a cartridge is replaced before due time – this lets you take the appropriate action.

Predict failure of printer parts

Be on top of printer issues before they happen. Now you can reduce printer downtime by predicting device failure – before it actually happens.

Your technicians will be able to service or replace parts before they fail, and the device goes out of service.

BlackBox: Identify and fix errors in lifeless printers

HP printers now have black box technology – just like aeroplanes do.

BlackBox lets service providers connect to a lifeless printer and find out exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it. This makes it possible to repair the printer and extend its lifetime.

Get real-time error notifications

Be on top of printer problems as they happen! Resellers and service providers can get Real-Time Notifications about printer errors.

You’ll be able to provide better and faster service to your customers.

Fix USB printers remotely

Resellers and service providers can configure and reboot USB printers that are locally connected to a PC – and not on the network.

This lets resellers reduce onsite visits for simple device problems and helps them maximize their customer’s device uptime.

More precise collection and billing

Resellers are notified when the data collector and devices go offline – and also when a printer serial number is cleared.

This lets resellers replace supplies correctly and more precisely bill for device usage (CPC).

New app: Fix errors via the printer

Communicate with users and fix issues via the printer control panel.

The new HP app, Report a Problem, lets customers and service providers communicate directly through the printer – using HP SDS and JetAdvice.

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