Fix and manage USB printers remotely

Perform remote maintenance on USB connected devices

You can now fix USB printers remotely with HP SDS and JetAdvice.

Previously it wasn’t possible to fix USB remotely but now resellers can configure and reboot devices that are locally connected to a PC – and not on the network.

This lets resellers limit onsite visits for simple USB printer problems – and helps maximize customer device uptime.

Resellers can access the USB remote management controls through JetAdvice Manager.

You see the many other benefits of implementing remote maintenance with HP SDS and JetAdvice here.

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    Even more HP devices supported

    With the HP SDS 2.0 update, even more HP devices are supported and available for remote managing through JetAdvice.

    This is obviously an advantage for resellers dedicated to harvesting the amazing benefits of HP SDS and JetAdvice.

    You can see the full list of supported devices here.

    Fix and manage USB printers remotely

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