Correct billing and data collection

Find lost printers

When you need to bill and service customer printers, you must be able to collect device data and know where the devices are located.

Sometimes devices go missing or are unresponsive for a period of time. The reasons for this can be many. JetAdvice and HP SDS provide the necessary features to help locate printers that have been moved or have changed IP address.

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Force communication with the printer

The I’m Lost feature displays a custom message on the device control panel. You can customize the message as you want.

The message is displayed on the device when it hasn’t been contacted by JetAdvice/HP SDS in the last two weeks.

In addition to this, the Device Announcement feature allows a device to contact JetAdvice/HP SDS on boot to announce its IP address. This ensures that you have the most current information about the device – even though it’s been lost for a while.

    Let the user know that service has been called

    Another valuable remote possibility is the Service Called feature. This feature lets you create a custom message that is displayed on the device control panel to indicate that service has been called for the device.

    Want to be able to bill correctly and collect data from all devices - also the lost ones?

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