Change configuration remotely

Want to reduce the number of service visits?

As a service provider it would be great if you could reduce the number of service visits to the customer, right?

When issues occur, it is standard to send a technician to fix it. This is time-consuming and expensive. So what if you could solve the issues remotely? For example by changing the device configuration from behind your desk.

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Solve issues remotely

We know for a fact that many device issues can be solved remotely.

With JetAdvice and HP SDS you are now able to change the device configuration from the JetAdvice control panel.

This will no doubt solve some of the device issues – and you can save the service visits.

You’ll lower your service costs and get the ability to fix device issues remotely and much faster than before.

    Get access to the unique remote management possibilities now.

    Lower your service costs and strengthen your customer service. Contact us today and get started!

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