BlackBox: Identify and fix errors in lifeless printers

Repair and extend printer lifetime

HP printers now have black box technology – just like aeroplanes do.

The HP SDS functionality, BlackBox, lets service providers connect to a lifeless printer – and find out exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it.

By plugging in to the printer with a USB cable, service providers can easily access the broken device and retrieve the latest data.

This makes it possible to repair the printer and extend its lifetime – instead of just discarding the device.

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    On-site diagnostics and first-time fix

    BlackBox is designed to help service providers fix printers – and to avoid devices being thrown away when they can be fixed.

    When the technician connects the printer to an Android mobile device, it automatically communicates with the HP SDS cloud.

    The technician receives diagnostics info and a recommended solution on his phone – including the needed parts and instructions on how to perform the service. The printer can be quickly repaired with a first time fix – and is brought back to life!

    – Reduces risk of return service visits
    – Limits downtime for customers
    – Reduces waste and cost/time spend for service providers

    Get access to the HP SDS BlackBox Technology now

    Stop discarding printers that are fixable. Identify and fix errors in lifeless devices.

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