Vitasys and JetAdvice Manager/HP SDS

Together, JetAdvice Manager and HP SDS is a game changer

  • Fixing a malfunctioning printer remotely is one of the unique services that Vitasys now offers.
  • Often an issue can be resolved remotely even before the customer experiences it.

“A new era of proactive services began when we started using JetAdvice Manager’s integration with HP Smart Device Services. On top of proactive supply delivery and preventative maintenance, we are now also capable of delivering true remote management to our customers”

Vitasys is a long-term JetAdvice partner and one of the earliest adopters of HP Smart Device Services. The Dutch MPS provider has in recent months been able to upgrade their MPS offerings to their customers by harnessing the state of the art technology behind HP SDS and JetAdvice Manager.

The remote management functionalities within HP SDS has been integrated and turned into true customer value.

“The powerful combination of HP SDS and JetAdvice has helped us optimize our support processes, lower our internal costs, and provide an excellent customer experience. Together, JetAdvice Manager and HP SDS is a game changer. We’re very excited about the results so far”, Marcel van den Berg states.

HP SDS allows MPS providers like Vitasys to service and support their customer’s printer fleet remotely. Many known printer issues that previously required an onsite service visit can now be fixed from behind a desk – through the JetAdvice control panel.

“Needless to say, the ability to perform remote customer service and support gives us a clear advantage in the market. We’re able to bring down our service costs – and provide faster and better customer service at the same time”, says Marcel van den Berg.

For Vitasys, improving customer security is another crucial gain of integrating HP SDS and JetAdvice into their MPS offerings. For example, it’s now easy and very cost-efficient to upgrade the firmware of an entire customer printer fleet. On top of that, Vitasys is able to setup the most important security settings through remote management. All it takes is a couple of clicks – and no longer an onsite visit by a service technician.

And this is only the beginning of the many remote possibilities that will disrupt the current service and support offerings.

Vitasys B.V.

The successful IT and MPS provider Vitasys is located in the Netherlands. The company’s primary business pillars are maximizing security. Keeping the most innovative mindset, and creating a true sustainable IT environment.

This is where Vitasys really adds value to their surroundings. Together with their customers and partners, Vitasys consciously take steps towards a world with sustainable automation.

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